Obscure Passages



The cathedral of Orleans The cathedral of Orleans

Localization: Orleans - France.

Destination: Orlane?

Discovered by:
Cyrrus Trac alias Sylvain Baudrier.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   It acts here once again of an extremely mysterious testimony. The author of this testimony and decouvror of this hypothetical Passage place names the point as being sometimes the cathedral of Orleans, sometimes the cathedral of Orlane at such point that it is not known anymore if it is indeed the one located in Orleans in France or well a mysterious unknown city that many researchers would locate on the  Obscure continent.

   Several indices would show according to the decouvror the existence of this Passage place. The first evidence would be the photographic documents on which one would distinguish a geometrical form emerging from the baroques turrets of the cathedral. Once more, the opinions of the experts concerning these photographs are divided. However, other indices related to the history of the cathedral come to support the present assumption. Indeed, the recent excavations around the building would have allowed to discover the foundations of a very old tower made up of layers of constructions going back to various times. What does not fail to make think of the Tower of the Obscur continent. Lastly, it would seem that the two towers of the cathedral would formerly have been surmounted each one by a platform which would have been destroyed at the time of the second world war. The fact that one does not undertake yet today to rebuild these platforms lets imagine once more that certain people would try to dissimulate the evidence of the existence of the obscure continent.

   However, it should well be recognized with the obviousness that very few testimonies were to date provided concerning this assumption. Search continues...