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The 5 chimeys of the Gröningen power plant

The 5 chimeys of the Gröningen power plant

Gröningen - The Netherland.

Destination: Mylos.

Discovered by:
Joseph le Perdriel et Alphonse Postelieu.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Destroyed.

Means: Passage.


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Voir l'article dans 'The Light'

   The town of Gröningen in the Netherlands seems to form part of these cities with multiple connections towards the Obscure continent, increasingly growing on our world. This city has indeed another probable Passage place, its museum of the Comic strip.

   The five chimneys of the power station of Gröningen were destroyed in 1998 with dynamite. The event seems to have attracted many witnesses. This fact altogether rather various could have remained to be unaware to all the obscurologists if a capital testimony and a quasi irrefutable proof had not shown that these 5 chimneys were indeed a crossing point.

   It was Joseph Perdriel in his testimony who first denounced the probable existence of a Passage place there. He discovered it thanks to the confidences of Alphonse Postelieu who had a great knowledge of the Passage to this place. However, Joseph Perdriel never had the occasion to try there the Passage and then he disappeared on the Obscure continent without having revealed to us the place of his Passage.

   There would be however a quasi irrefutable proof. "The Light ", the newspaper of Michel Ardan would have published a special edition concerning the fall of the 5 chimneys. According to fragments' of which we lay out, Michel Ardan would have gone itself on our world by a Passage being on the island of Yliaster (and which one does not know the exit on our dimension). He would have assisted to all the scene and would have even surprised the presence of an inspector of Mylos on the spot. The presence of this inspector would have made it possible to imagine that the destruction of the five chimneys had been organized jointly by the authorities of our world and that of Mylos to once more limitate connections between the clear and obscure worlds.

   Although the authenticity of this edition of "The Light" could not be established with certainty, one easily recognizes there the literary style specific to Michel Ardan. Unfortunately, the power station having been destroyed, nothing will permit anymore to verify this assumption...