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The Lighthouse of Cordouan

The Lighthouse of Cordouan

Localization: Cordouan - France.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


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   The lighthouse of Cordouan is at 7 kilometers in the sea, at equal distance from the coasts of the Gironde and the Charentes. It is the oldest of the French lighthouses still in activity. It was classified historic building since 1862 at the same time as the cathedral Our-Lady of Paris. Still more than its seniority, it is its great architectural richness, fruit of multiple restorations and modernizations during centuries, which causes admiration for this lighthouse.

   It seems first of all absurdity to imagine a Passage place on a lighthouse lost on the open sea. How would make the traveller coming from the Obscure World to go on the continent once arrived on the lighthouse? The thing seems indeed quite difficult. However, these are well the small details which permitted to some meticulous recherchists to work out some assumptions in connection with this lighthouse.

   It is by taking note of the history of the lighthouse of Cordouan that some Obscurologist had their first suspicions. Although the first foundations go back to a long time, it is from 1584 to 1611 that was set up the principal part of the lighthouse by Louis de Foix, old clock maker became architect and engineer. It is of this time that is dated the low parts of the lighthouse, namely from the platform to the vault which ends in a dome. It is strange to note that between the vault and the ground floor is a part called the apartment of the king. According to information's which one can have concerning the lighthouse, the origin of the name of this part would be completely unknown. As it is known, no sovereign of France never went on the lighthouse of Cordouan and it seems rather stupid to imagine that it came to the idea from one of those kings to make build an apartment for his use on a lighthouse lost on the open sea. And yet! Many recherchists put forth the assumption according to which certain sovereigns of France were to know about the existence of the Obscures Cities. It would not be useless to think that the existence of a Passage over the primitive lighthouse of Cordouan could be at the origin of the construction of this unusual part on a lighthouse. This one would have allowed to the king to have his conveniences to go and come on the Obscure Continent.

   The architectural luxury of the building is moreover not the only elements in question. Always by traversing the history of the lighthouse, one notes that the vault is covered with a dome which is surmounted today by the rest of the lighthouse. The ressemblance between this dome and the city-cupola of Galatograd is completely surprising. Especially when one knows that like the city-cupola of Galatograd, the dome of the vault is capped with a hole called the oculus.

   The assumption of the lighthouse of Cordouan to date could not be confirmed but the presence of a so luxurious building lost on the open sea seems very suspicions. We will not pay attention for the moment to the rumours according to which a similar lighthouse to that of Louis de Foix would exist close to Zor because those must be more investigated. However, in spite of the difficulties in keeping a monitoring on a so difficult place, Obscurologist remain aware about any news which could lend faith to their assumptions.