Obscure Passages





Localization: Paris - France.

Destination: The Cosmopolis park.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   There exists some places where the links with the Obscure Continent are so obvious that they would pass from there almost unperceived. It is certainly the case of Discoveryland to the Disneyland Paris Park. The links with the Obscure World are so numerous besides there that many are the visitors, aware of the obscure businesses, who undoubtedly have well wrongly imagined to have made the passage to the Cosmopolis Park itself.

   The list of the links is long, to start with Nautilus, the submarine of the Nemo Captain, famous character of the not less famous novelist Jules Verne whose reputation of Ferryman is not any more to make. One finds there also a counterpart of a sphere armillaire as well as a counterpart of a giant airship worthy of one megalomaniac De Vrouw. The last most disconcerting index would be this sign in front of the Orbitron indicating Videopolis which seems very right output of the Cosmopolis Park and which could explain the faintness of certain people.

   Although this place seems to be dedicated entirely to the Obscure World and in spite of certain sometimes whimsical testimonys, it does not seem there that a real case of Passage could be attested. It is useful to recall here that the collective Passage is impossible and considering the crowd which surveys the place regularly, the chance to be able to carry out the Passage is certainly unfortunately rather reduced...