Obscure Passages



The Egmont Park

The Egmont Park

Bruxelles - Belgique.

Destination: Mylos.

Discovered by:
Hadrien Crayencour.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


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   Located near the Law courts, the Park of Egmont is a discrete place of greenery in the heart of Brussels. So discrete perhaps that this discretion becomes suspect. It is in any case what think so many researchers for which the indices concerning the presence of one or even several Passages in the Park of Egmont is highly possible.

   Renovated a few time ago, to undoubtedly dissimulate the too evident indices, the Park of Egmont has four entries from which two of those carry the very revealing names of "Passage of Milan" and "Yourcenar Passage". If the name of the "Yourcenar Passage" was selected a few time ago by the town of Bruxelles in homage to the writer, Margueritte Yourcenar, the origin of the name "Passage of Milan" remains unknown and mysterious. Nothing indeed in the long history of this entry Park allows to explain this name.

   The explanation appears however quite clear for many obscurologists. According to these ones, there is absolutely not any doubt that this entry of the Park was, a very long time ago, a Passage which was to lead to the City of Mylos. The place was certainly to be called in the beginning "Passage of Mylos" by the "initiates" of the Passage and not to undoubtedly wake up the suspicions they employed the coded name of "Passage of Milan" when they were to name it. Undoubtedly also, the name was deformed during ages and from "Mylos" transformed itself into "Milan", more known.

   However, this point of the Park is considered precisely as the place where the key of the mystery would hide. The presence of the Palate of Egmont, very near, of which everyone knows the illustration of Obscure origin, does nothing but reinforce the suspicions. Could it be that there exists in Mylos a Palate or a park similar to the Palate or Park of Egmont? Without any doubt many research in progress around the "Passage of Milan" will enable us to certify it one day...