Obscure Passages



The World Exposition 2000 of Hanover

The World Exposition 2000 of Hanover

Hanovrer - Germany.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Hans Mayer.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible openeing.

Means: Passage.


   The assumption of a Passage place on the site of the World Exposition 2000 in Hanover is certainly one of the strangest which was studied by the Office of the Obscure Passages. The events related to the investigation which followed the declaration of Hans Mayer, an inhabitant of the town of Hanover, indeed were extremely unusual.

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   Hans Mayer, the "decouvror" of this assumption of Passage, based it on many testimonys and theories. Testimonys of which it laid out were those of workmen at which it would have arrived some quite strange events. The theories had been established by Hans Mayer himself to try to show its assumption.

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   At the end, the testimonys as well than the theories recut themselves and Hans Mayer did not hesitate to state to have succeeded in causing the opening of a Passage towards the Obscure Cities. Little time after, other attempts of Hans Mayer remained unfruitful and this last one never gave again any sign of life being feared, according to him, of being regarded as an inveterate liar.

   The result of the investigation was thus extremely disappointing. The veracity of the testimonys supposedly collected by Hans Mayer as his theories sometimes rather eccentric could never be checked and Hans Mayer, if it really believed in his statements, disappeared forever by carrying with him the "secrecy" of the Passage...