Obscure Passages



The Falstaff

The Falstaff

Localisation: Bruxelles - Belgium.

The Fälztafff in Brüsel.

Discovered by:
Participants to the obscure meeting of 28 December 1999.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Open.

Means: Passage.


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See also the article in 'The Light'

   The news of this new Passage place made a bombastic effect. For different reasons, this place is absolutely unique in itself! It is one the rarest case of a collective passage. Indeed, many people had the occasion to use this Passage all together. Unfortunately, only a few of them noticed this event to the exception of some of them like the chiefs controllers James Rooms and Philippe Blampain whom we can find hereafter a small excerpt of his testimony.

   "For the small summary of the Passage to the Fälztafff in Brüsel, the citizen present at this moment had the chance (without noticing it, we have to be used to do it) to pass, thanks to the right lateral leaded glass window, a small instant to the other side. This effect disappeared at the moment of our only female presence left the meeting." (...)

   "When I realized , during our conversation, that date and time matched (maybe it wasn't by chance), I thought to myself: "Why can't we try". I asked the Barman his collaboration (he is the guy - like the ferry men on a river - who make it happens) and after some administrative stuff, he gave us tickets to come and go." (...)

   "The Barmen of the Fälztafff knew how to do it. He came discreetly to verify the validity of our tickets when we arrived and I saw him looking to us and making some commands when it was the time to leave..." (...)

   It appears then that this Passage is conditionned by a female presence and that it is only possible with the complicity of some barmen working like ferrymen. We must also notice that if the complicity of the barmen of the Falstaff in Bruxelles is indispensable to pass from our world to the obscure continent, it is also imperious to have the help of the barmen of the Fälztafff in Brüsel to come back on our world.

   At the moment, no other Passage case has been reported at this place.