Obscure Passages



La Fetta di polenta

La Fetta di polenta

Localization: Turin - Italy.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Charles Degée.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    This building of Turin immediately makes think to the facadism specific to the towns of Brussels and Brüsel. However, for as surprising as that can appear, " la Fetta di polenta " is indeed a whole and livable building! According to tourist guides', it is the most provocative constructions of Alessandro Antonelli. The building of 27 meters top, 5 meters length and 70 centimetres width defies the laws of statics and finds original solutions to the problems of the habitation.

   If the first assumptions which were established about this place evoked the possibility of a Passage towards the town of Brüsel. No more obscurologist advances this idea today. Indeed, nothing to see in the present case with the facadism of Brüsel since this one aims destroying the entirety of a building and at keeping only its frontage, whereas " la Fetta di polenta " is not only one simple frontage but well a real building!

   A more convincing sign would pose the assumption of a Passage. This building would have had like tenant the famous Nicolo Tommaseo, author of the Italian language dictionary. Even if this language is not strongly represented on the obscure continent, it is known that this function related to the book remains extremely prestigious there and that a number of author of dictionary of our world are famous on the obscure one such Paul Robert, author of the French language dictionary, most used on this world or Sylvain Saint-Pierre, author of the dictionary of the obscure cities!

   How to imagine that a man who could have had relationship with the obscure world did not choose such a strange place if it is not for its connections with this one! The investigation remains open...