Obscure Passages



The auditorium of the Forum of the Images

The auditorium of the Forum of the Images

Localization: Paris - France.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Olivier Tissot.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Unknown.


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   The auditorium of the Forum of the Images is a spectacle room located in Paris and dedicated to the multimedia shows. From the end of March to the beginning of April 2000 took place in this room the first representations of the musical spectacle of François Schuiten, Benoît Peeters and Bruno Letort "the Desombres case". This spectacle should have been an evocation of the life of the ignored painter Augustin Desombres and thus a new attempt to reveal the existence of the obscure cities through the veracious history of the great artist who remains one of the most mythical figures of our two worlds.

   However, this simple spectacle turned to unforeseen for certain people of the audience. All less, one of those people was found projected on the obscure continent. It is about Olivier Tissot, the famous obscure recherchist. Although the experiment seems to have been single (we do not have any other testimony!), it remains completely exceptional since this Passage completely seems to be carried out against the will of the traveller!

   Its speech which was reported to us by itself with its return after five days of absence is extremely eloquent: "I return by far! You to say where I was is quite difficult. The best way of apprehending this experiment is perhaps to define it into clearly-obscure. It is clear that I had passed but of the place where I arrived, all was obscure for me. Vigoleis Koelber stayed in the shade, sinks, within an indistinct limit, as between two gates, during a certain time. My own experiment approaches some, and that the Passage occurred during a spectacle on Desombres is not foreign there. I am sorry but I do not have seen anything, except this machine, which saved me thanks to the explanations of Sylvain. How it is precisely thanked for it! But over all, I wish to raise the voice to carry a complaint which I hope will arrive to Misters Schuiten and Peeters which are truths responsible for what I must call my mishap. Indeed, it was indeed the first spectacle that it was to give me to go to see on the topic of the Obscure Cities. I am interested in this phenomenon only since a little more than 2 years. I did not have the leisure to attend conferences fictions or exposures, never I well never say. I was thus beginner but rather strongly impregnated by the world of the cities. My nightmares began some days before the spectacle. At the end of this same spectacle (and possibly during) I found myself, and this AGAINST MA WILL, yes! against my will, in the other world. My chance was to have known to resist the passage and to have thus preserved return appropriatenesses. Thanks to Sylvain (and incidentally to the person who brings me the machine) I could return among you. It is very strange to note that I had the impression to spend only a few hours in the obscure world whereas 5 days had been passed in the clear world. I wasted time, my close relations worried without speaking about the difficulties which I had with my employer (Frankly how want you that it swallows this history of passage!). This is why I address this deposition, this complaint, this request, this petition to Misters Schuiten and Peeters:
Henceforth INFORM your public that passages are possible during the spectacles, write it on the posters, notify it on the tickets, alert the fans:


   It is obviously an impassioned speech, which makes only show the character somewhat traumatisant of a nonvoluntary Passage.

   Olivier Tissot did not have his safety and his possibility of return which has three elements. First of all the possibility of connection between our world and that obscure by the intermediary of Internet. It is thanks to this means that Olivier who been able to contact the participants of the Obscure Forum and thus to correspond with Sylvain Saint-Pierre. This last which been able then, thanks to certain documents which it had recuperated at the time of a not less short Passage via the Socialist Presses of Bruxelles, to indicate to Olivier the operations to be made on a strange machine (brought to Olivier by a not less unknown character) to return among us! All what one knows of this machine is that it would have been invented by Axel Wappendorf!

   Since this particular experiment, the spectacle ended and since, no other testimony came to bring of additional index on this subject. Many questions remain posed. Which factors allowed the opening of this Passage? How is it possible to carry out the Passage without having the will of it? Who is the mysterious characters who bring the machine of Wappendorf to Olivier Tissot? The same spectacle if it is to play one day elsewhere than in Paris will have the same effects? The case remains to be followed...