Obscure Passages



The Marble church of Kobenhavn

The Marble church of Kobenhavn

Kobenhavn - Denmark.

Destination: Kobenhavn.

Discovered by:
Quentin Gausset and Olivier Tissot.

ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Like Bruxelles and Brüsel, Paris and Pâhry, the Danish city of Kobenhavn seems to have its Obscure double in the city of Kobenhavn. Thus, many buildings of Copenhagen, for the majority being administrative or religious buildings find themselves almost perfectly in a similar way in the Obscure city of Kobenhavn. Of course like always, if there exists each time a strong similarity between these buildings, there is no need to recall that those of the obscure city of Kobenhavn are of disproportionate size compared to those of the town of Kobenhavn on our world.

   It would seem that several churches of Copenhagen are found in the Obscure City of Kobenhavn. It is the case of the Marble Church, the Church of Our-Saver and the Saint-Nicolas Church. However, unlike the Church of Our-Saver whose name is explicitly quoted in the tale "the road of Armilia", the Marble Church is never named there. The numerous polemic which are running concerning the Church of Our-Saver thus do not take place in the case of the Marble Church. This one would even suffer of so few interest on behalf of the Obscurs researchers. What would explain why we have so few information related to it.