Obscure Passages



The Chaudfontaine station The Chaudfontaine station

Localization: Chaudfontaine - Belgium.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Eric Gerckens.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   It is a quite strange testimony which tells us the probable existence of this hypothetical Passage place.

   It is not understandable. I never had in my life considered such a thing before. That day, like so much from others, I returned from my work. When I had arrived at the station, I was the only one to get out of the train. I should have doubted to me something, but absorbed in my thoughts and my preoccupations with a job, I did not pay attention to it. One day of week like that one, it should have been more world. But that's no problem, I descended the steps without worrying for the path which I borrowed, accustomed of the daily course that conducts to my residence.

   Arrived halfway of the staircases, I could not make differently. This gleam plugged me. Several seconds were necessary to me so that my eyes were accustomed to this luminosity. Stopped in my progression, I looked around me in the search of somebody, a person who could have explained me this phenomenon.

   It is at this time that a voice challenged me. It came from the bottom of the staircases where I saw a shade. A man of a big size awaited me. I had, at this time, the presence of mind to seize my camera to immortalize this event so that others can believe me. Perhaps had I made odd? The man did not want certainly to be made photograph and disappeared. Everything had been held promptly. Everything become again normal.

   Today still, several days after, I wonder whether it did not come from the other world? If it were not a Passage place towards the world of the Obscure Cities, a kind of timeless passage? Impassioned by the Other Dimensioned, the man probably knew it and wanted to give me the opportunity to penetrate there, but without possibility of bringing back evidence from it! This is why it fled my objective. He never knew that I succeeded in stealing this portrait.

   Maybe, I hope for it, he will give me another occasion to cross this Passage? Then, I will be able to return his image to him!

   This testimony, without any doubt worthy of faith, as well as the photographic document which accompanies it do not fail however to leave the perplexed reader. It is indeed allowed to wonder why there was so few people that day who could have been the witnesses of this event? We can also ask ourselved what was this fabulous chance which made that the author of this testimony was this day provided there with a camera? Lastly, why this photography is at the same time also fuzzy for the mysterious character and also clear in the gleam and the details of the staircase?

   Many obscurologists however did not hesitate to attest this assumption. According to them, it is normal that the mysterious character benefitted from one day unusual where there was exceptionally little world to appear. That would attest the scarcity of the event. The fact that photography is fuzzy with regard to the details of the obscure continent and the character in itself would be completely normal when it is known that separately two examples extremely famous (The Zeppelin of Freddy de Vrouw and the Nevsky avenue in Saint-Petersbourg), there is not any attempt at photography of the Obscur world which succeeded. All were a failure. Besides that would make this photographic document even more priceless and would make of it the third photographic document of the Obscur world!

   Unfortunately, the experts are shared and others them speak about trickery or divagations! The file remains open...