Obscure Passages



The Guillotiere Street

The Guillotiere Street

Localization: Lyon - France.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Jeel and Lulee.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.
Additional informations: Leduc.


   It is via a strange letter sent to Misters Schuiten and Peeters that this place was brought to our attention. According to mysterious authors' of this letter, them-even originating from the Obscure Cities, this place would have enabled them to pass from the Obscure Continent towards the Clear world. It is in any case, which seems to affirm the document that we reproduce here in his entirety.

   "There is less time that we are in this world, but a too long time that we keep ourselves silent. We did not understand why you had decided to reveal the existence and the characteristics of our Cities, whereas as well others as we met preferred to conceal them. Undoubtedly estimating that their contemporaries were not ready, we judge ours (perhaps in a pretentious way) the same way, and that your world is still apprehended as a legend seems to us the most satisfactory situation.

   We do not know if this will specific to you to know and make known will be beneficial or not, the fact is: why do we decide to write to you? Perhaps the prescience of a possible opening between the two worlds; perhaps the desire for revealing you an innovation to you who, acknowledge, speak so well about the Cities from which we come; perhaps an exchange of informations, a cry of distress from two Obscure Citizens who pain to understand how all is going here; perhaps the will to participate to what so many people on your premise still regard as a literary large-work...

   A new Passage, a little bit capricious, which allowed us some outward and returns journeys and which is long in being reopened today. On our premises, we are two young adventurers left to appease our curiosity out of the protective atmosphere of the Cities, left to discover the continent (perhaps will we speak one day about it to you). She photographs. I write. I look at. She reads...

   The Passage is somewhere in these areas where still live populations of a non-urban civilization, with the dark skin and seminomads (and which you mention with half-words in your Guide). On your premise, we found ourselves in a noisy urban universe, an old capital saturated with images and restaurants, in a district where people speak multiple unknown languages.

   Her it is! This passage, we offer it to you. Perhaps are we wrong? Perhaps will we give up about it there? Perhaps will we complete our assertions?


Jeel and Lulee "

   Who are the mysterious authors of this document? The mistery concerning it remains complete. However, the place has been identified quite recently by one of the many researchers all over the world. It would seem that even if this place could have been located, the Passage himself keeps all his secrecies...