Obscure Passages



The Ferreira Borges hall The Ferreira Borges hall

Localization: Porto - Portugal.

Destination: Calvani.

Discovered by: Eduardo de Siza.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


See the diary of Ishmaël Tolentino and the report of the conference of Eduardo de Siza

   Once more, it would seem at the first sight that it is the resemblance of the place to the architecture of an obscure city which is at the origin of suspicions concerning a Passage to this place. Indeed, according to same words' of the decouvror of this place, architecture out of glass and iron of the markets Ferreira Borges would compete with the best buildings of the town of Calvani.

   However, they are facts much stranger and, if however their perhaps established veracities, completely exceptional which confirmed the unfortunately provisional existence of a Passage to this place. The facts would have been declared whereas a exposure-spectacle of François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters was in the course of assembly. It would seem whereas events similar to those which have occurred in the town of Brüsel, namely the proliferation of plants come from one does not know where suddenly occurred.

   The testimony of Eduardo de Siza, then police chief of the exposure, is extremely eloquent: "In addition to normal heat  which struck us inside the expo, and which was a probable continuation of the enormous released energy, the cement ground Markets was broken. These cracks left a growing vegetation which has constrained us to employ powerful amounts of weeding at only end to prevent that the ex-Market Ferreira Borges becomes one of the greenhouses of Calvani! My god! If that had occurred, I am sure that one would have thus dug a passage towards the Obscure Continent. But, concerned by the success of this Show, I ordered that one spreads everywhere weeding. I often regretted it since, because while acting of the kind, I thus wasted the single hope to take the step towards this passage -- and God knows if I could never be so close making a success of it!"

   It appears unfortunately that the ill-considered gesture of Mister de Siza forever eliminated any possibility of Passage to this place. It was never possible to establish if, as it was the case for the Boilers house in Coïmbra, the presence of an exposure assembled by Messrs François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters could have been used as catalyst for the opening of a Passage. Since, this strange phenomenon didn't reproduced anymore and one murmurs that a groupuscule of keen obscurologist would plan to make excavations under the building to find some traces of the plants. No action pursuant was still taken to this project...