Obscure Passages



The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock

Localization: Prague - Czech.

Destination: Armillia.

Discovered by: Jarila.

Ferryman: Yes.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Thus named because of astronomical quadrant, the astronomical clock of Prague is one of the most beautiful mechanical clock, dating from the Middle Ages always in operating state. Installed in the tower of the Town hall of Prague, the Astronomical Clock was produced by Master Hanus in 1490. The legend wants that this one was made blinded when its work was completed in order not to reproduce similar wonder elsewhere. Hanus would have been avenged by putting out of order the clock.

   If the legend of the creator of the clock is, as its name states it, just a legend, this disordered state remains however a mystery still today. Historically, it would have been caused by a certain J. Tabosky about 1570, whereas this last worked on the clock. However, we cannot explain well how this character could have caused this disordered state and especially why it never could be repaired.

   According to some researchers, the astronomical Clock of Prague should be studied in parallel with the few specimens of reproduction of watch of the Obscure Cities which appeared at some moment on our world called clear. First of all, one recognizes in the clock and the watch the same will of realization of a mechanics worked, and even complicated according to some. Some would have even seen in the various quadrants some similarities and would have managed to define two parallel and common symbolic systems. We defer on this subject the reader to the reading of the marvellous works of Doctor Theophraste Pym, "From Prague to Armillia, Etude and analyzes Obscure Quadrants".

   The most disconcerting fact however, allowing a comparison with the watch, is that the latter is also equipped with a light disordered state making it relatively inapt for any current use. This disordered state common to the clock and the watch did not certainly fail to draw the attention of many obscurologists who would see in the watch a tool of Passage to be used in conjunction with the clock. However, very strangely, nobody still at the present time tried the experiment the passage by means of the watch.

   Across all its mysteries, it is sure that the Astronomical Clock of Prague did not deliver all its secrecies yet...