Obscure Passages



The Ismaylovsky regiment cathedral

The Ismaylovsky regiment cathedral

Saint-Petersbourg - Russia.

Destination: Sodrovni.

Discovered by: Mitya Suchin.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


See the folder of the obscure passages of Saint-Petersbourg

   The Ismaylovsky regiment cathedral, like other buildings of Saint-Petersbourg such the Admiralty, is a building having its certified copy in the obscure city of Sodrovni. These many cases of unfolding show how much strong are the connections between the cities of Saint-Petersbourg and Sodrovni.

   One to date does not know the exact function of this building on the obscure continent. On our world, the case of Passage place in a cathedral is not single since there is also that of the cathedral of Amiens. However, it is not very probable that the building of Sodrovni has a function similar to that of Saint-Petersbourg. It is known now that the religions remain little appraisals on the obscure continent, the obscure citizens preferring the worship of the secrecy and the brotherhoods. Some obscurologists do not hesitate to pose the assumption that this building would be a first outline of famous Iconopolis whose situation on the obscure continent remains unknown. But this assumption remains very disputed among the recherchists.

   The Ismaylovsky regiment cathedral is a building which thus remains surrounded by many mysteries. Which is the exact function of this building on the obscure continent? Where would be exactly the Passage? Some questions which will not fail to find one day an answer...