Obscure Passages



The Royal greenhouse of Laeken

The Royal greenhouse of Laeken

Localization: Bruxelles - Belgium.

Destination: Calvani.

Discovered by: Quentin Gausset.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   The Royal greenhouses of Laeken seem to have woven close links with the City of Calvani, also famous for its greenhouses. It was indeed a surprise to note that the wine labels of the "Domain of Calvani " represented a building in any point similar to the large principal greenhouse of the Royal garden of Laeken. In addition to this strange fact, it would seem that the greenhouse of the Garden of Philodendrons in Calvani is supported by metal beams also in any point similar with those which one can see in one of the greenhouses of the garden of Laeken.

   If this kind of parallelism becomes increasingly current, the case seems sufficiently interesting to be studied more in-depth...