Obscure Passages



The Léopold II gallery

The Léopold II gallery

Localization: Spa - Belgium.

Destination: The Passage - Brüsel.

Discovered by: Guy Pairoux.

Ferryman: Maintenors.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


The Obscure folder


   The Leopold II gallery in Spa is a completely original Passage place which proposes a whole series of very strange and completely unique assumptions in the field of Obscure research. Indeed, the revelations contained in this file are quite as astonishing as fantastic.

   First of all, like much of other buildings of the Clear World, the Leopold II gallery in Spa would also exist on the Obscure Continent in the City of Brüsel. But especially, this very surprising file reveals us many mysteries on the function of maintenor, the identity of a certain number of these maintenos in the past and the use of a stick allowing the Passage.

   It would seem unfortunately that the last maintenor of the place disappeared by carrying with him his secrecies and that the Passage is now closed. However, the file remains open and vigilance must still be kept...