Obscure Passages



The Yellow House

The Yellow House

Fosses-la-Ville - Belgique.

Destination: Inconnue.

Discovered by: Inconnu.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   It is rather rare to find houses of Art-Nouveau style apart from large metropolises like Bruxelles, Paris or Milan. This artistic style indeed especially developed in these large cities because owing to the fact that it is mainly in those that the upper middle-class of the beginning of the century resided, able to make produce such buildings so finely designed.

   It is thus rather strange to find a house of this style in a small city, almost a village like Fosses-la-Ville. As emerged from nowhere, the Yellow House, thus called because of its dominant of yellows glazed bricks, seems lost in the medium of a place which was not intended to him. Among buildings of a very regional architecture, the Yellow House surprise by its windows finely carved, its Zinc stars on the roof and especially its sgraffites without any doubt inspired by Paul Cauchie.

   Unfortunately, it is sad to note that such a single and original building for a small city as Fosses-la-Ville is quite completely abondoned since many years. Unless, as many obscurologists suppose it and as it is the case for many buildings similar to this one, this state of abandonment is desired to dissimulate a Passage there towards the Obscure Cities...