Obscure Passages



The Elsewhere House

The Elsewhere House

Yverdon-les Bains - Switzerland.

The city of the book.

Discovered by: Chris Muller.

Ferryma,: Unknown.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


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   The Elsewhere House is a museum dedicated to the Science fiction located at Yverdon-the-Baths in Switzerland. Its links with the obscure world are rather thin if it is not the small sentence of presentation of this museum: "the museum of the Science fiction, the Utopia and the extraordinary voyages".

   The museum of the Utopia and the extraordinary voyages! One knows how much the Utopias are related to the obscure world. The Palace of the Utopias of the exposure of Hanover is besides a marvellous example of Passage towards the Obscure continent based on the Utopias. Speaking of the extraordinary voyages, one knows how much Jules Verne, author of the series "the extraordinary voyages" is closely related to this world.

   Could it be that behind this mysterious sentence hides the key of a Passage towards the obscure cities?