Obscure Passages



The Historic Monument of the American Republic

The Historic Monument of the American Republic

Localization: Springfield Museum - Massachusetts - United States.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by: Mitya Sukhin.

Ferryman: Erastus Salisbury Field.

Status: Never built.

Means: Passage.


   It is at the museum of Fine art of Springfield, Massachusetts, the United States, that is located the picture of Erastus Salisbury Field entitled "the Historic Monument of the American Republic". Its resemblance to one of the pictures looked by Giovanni Batista is more than surprising. To such a degree that many searchers have even alleged that it could indeed be a question of the true picture of the Tower.

   The most crazy theories run about this picture, from its obscure authenticity to the possibility that its author, Erastus Salisbury Field, could be a ferryman towards the obscure world. However, none of all these theories could be certified to date. It in any case seems sure at the present time that the museum of Springfield does not allow any passage.