Obscure Passages



The Royal Theater of the Mint

The Royal Theater of the Mint

Localization:Bruxelles - Belgium.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Imagination.


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    During January and February 2000 was represented with the royal theatre of the Mint in Bruxelles the opera "La Cenerentola" of Rossini. According to many witnesses, what could only be a simple thetral representation could have dissimulate for which could see it or to realize it a true collective abduction of several people on the continent obscure. According to these persons, each representation would have made it possible to carry along the time of the spectacle all the audience towards the continent obscure in order to show with this audience the way in which the operas are directed on this world.

   The ardour of certain commentator permits to have some interogation in any case as testifies the short extract of the journalistic article from one of them: "... With no doubt, the spectacle and its particular environment seem to have enchanted the audience. Helped by the costumes of a particular style, the scenography propels us straight in the world of the obscure cities: the books and the giant libraries, the fragile flying machines as one conceived them at the beginning of our century, anachronistic costumes, seats turning around the scene straight forward the portfolios of Eugen Robick and the ground representing a sundial which one would easily imagine in Armilia. All that pulled by enigmatic Alidoro, the wise one and magician, guard of the ancestral knowledge and waterfinder of this tale which one wonders well if it really did not take us along, the space of a few hours and without we realizing it on the obscure continent! A new passage, in any case towards the dream, has been open... "