Obscure Passages



The Nicolas I &
Peter the Great monuments

The Nicolas I & Peter the Great monuments

Saint-Petersbourg - Russia.

Destination: Sodrovni.

Discovered by: Mitya Suchin.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


See the folder of the obscure Passage in Saint-Petersbourg

   This assumption of Passage place is completely unique and original in the field of the obscure search of the Passages. Whereas all the other places are located in buildings or particular geological sites, this one would be dissimulated in a monument or perhaps even at a specific point between various monuments.

   Various search which was made in connection with the town of Sodrovni clearly established that there would exist in this city a monument exactly similar to two monuments of the city of Saint-Petersbourg. This fact is completely surprising. The base of the monument of Sodrovni would correspond to the base of the monument Nicolas I on the place Saint Isaac in Saint-Petersbourg whereas the statue of Sodrovni would correspond to the statue of Pierre the Great behind the Saint Isaac cathedral  in Saint-Petersbourg.

   The first researchers naturally first focused on the base of the monument Nicolas I It is indeed this base which seems most similar to the monument of Sodrovni. Moreover, at a certain time, the monument Nicolas I would have been surrounded by a fence which would have prohibited any access to this one. This strange fact, which can only point out the various attempts of a certain authorities to deny and to dissimulate to everybody the existence of the obscure cities could only support the assumption according to which a Passage place was dissimulated inside the base of the monument Nicolas I. However, the many surveys carried out thereafter around this base did not give any indices to the researchers.

   At this point in time was proposed the second assumption according to which since the monument of Sodrovni corresponds to two monument of Saint-Petersbourg, the Passage place would be located exactly at a point halfway between these two monuments.

   This last relatively recent assumption must still be explored and confirmed. The researchers and obscurologists are numerous to search this hypothetical median point which seems oddly being difficult to find. The folder remains open...