Obscure Passages



The Mundaneum

The Mundaneum

Localization: Mons - Belgium.

Destination: Alta-Plana.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


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   The museum of Mundaneum in Mons is to some extent the result of a visionary: Paul Otlet. This last had imagined to create a place where would be gathered an immense quantity of various documents which would represent the sum of human knowledge. Having, alive, already accumulated a number of documents, Paul Otlet never which been able to finish his immense task. Lately was opened in Mons the museum of Mundaneum which continues the work of Otlet while indexing and restauring posters and postcards.

   However, one is lost in conjecture concerning this museum and its creator. First of all, why having designed such a work whose his author would have to suspect that it would undoubtedly be without end? One can only come to the conclusion that this idea, Otlet would have taken as a starting point the famous files of Alta-Plana on the obscure continent. From there to imagine that the museum would conceal a passage towards Alta-Plana, it has only one step!

   Once more, in the museum, a dark scenography masks us many indices. One would have recuperate the cupboards of the first museum of Otlet to remake the decoration of that of Mons. What can be hiden behind each small drawer that covers the walls? What could dissimulate the mountains of paper that strew the ground in some corners?