Obscure Passages



The comics museum of Gröningen

The comics museum of Gröningen

Gröningen - The Netherlands.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Books.


   The museum of the comic strip of Gröningen in the Netherlands is one of the most recent assumptions regarding the Passages towards the obscure cities. This new assumption shows that despite everything the attempts to dissimulate us the existence of the obscure continent, some new Passage places are still opening! To bring closer to the Belgian center of the Comic strip, it would seem, in this case also, that the passage is allowed by means of the reading of books. It remains strong to be bet that many testimonys will come to support this assumption.

The web of the obscure cities
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the Web of the Obscure Cities

    It is Joseph le Perdriel which would have been the first to suspect the presence of a Passage place to this place. The account of its investigation, which is recalled to us on the Web of the obscure cities, was mysteriously stopped at the precise time where Joseph le Perdriel had just found a Passage towards the obscure cities. Until now, it is impossible to know if the place which allowed him the Passage finds well in this museum, or well elsewhere such as for example the five chimneys of the old power station of Gröningen. The hypothetical Internet files which would reveal it is still unfindable!