Obscure Passages



The Louvre museum

The Louvre museum

Localization: Paris - France.

Destination: Le Louvre - P‚hry.

Discovered by: Unknown.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Paintings.


    Several stories reached us about a parallel circulation in the heart of the city of P‚hry. The closing of the Garnier opera is undoubtedly the most known of them. But there are different places of this obscure city which would have been the theatre of this circulation. Many extravagant stories are coming to us on this subject. They are rather rocambolesque and their veracities remain prone to guarantee because of the multiple versions which exist about them. Each among them report the tribulations of a same character. Among those, one finds the account of "the Berthelot affair" and the closing of the opera of P‚hry. It would seem that the mysterious character was the discrete witness of these events. The continuation of these stories tell us then the mishaps of our character who will be then known under the name of "the fugitive".

   One does not know what this "fugitive" wanted to flee but it seems well in any case that he was in the search of a passage. Evolving in each time in recesses, suspended ceilings and double-partitions, the "fugitive" never encountered the inhabitants of the city of P‚hry. It was at the same time as if he wanted to prevent them and as if he could not join them. Its odysey will carry out him in the corridors of a P‚hrysians museum that certain obscurologists identify as being the double of the museum of the Louvre of Paris.

   The "fugitive" will pass in many places existing indeed on our world as the Garnier opera, the Elysťe palace and the museum of the Louvre attesting in this manner the existence of these places in the city of P‚hry. Moreover, the fact that it seems that he was in the search of a passage seems to show the existence of some Passage places in these places.

   In spite of the diversity of these stories and the sometimes contradictory ends for a same event which are reported there, it seems that the possibility of Passage in these places is quite difficult. Taking at a certain time paces of initiatory rite directed by mysterious characters, the odysey of the"fugitive" does not know a quite precise outcome. In a case, whereas its goal seems reached, it appears to him that all is to be started again. In another, it understands that he was only the instrument of some demon in order to provide him images.

   In front of these extremely pessimistic accounts, we could only recommend to the traveller not to too much seek passages in these places...