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The Nevsky avenue in Saint-Petersbourg

The Nevsky avenue in Saint-Petersbourg

Saint-Petersbourg - Russia.

Destination: Sodrovni.

Discovered by: Mitya Suchin.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


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    The hypostesis of the Nevsky avenue in Saint-Petersbourg is an almost unique one about the Passage places. Indeed, this is not a case of similarity between two buildings but well between two street and most importantly, between two moments in the life of these streets.

   We knows that Saint-Petersbourg have many particular links with the obscure city of Sodrovni. Some obscurologists doesn't hesitate to affirm that the duality Saint-Petersbourg-Sodrovni is exactly the same than the dualities Bruxelles-Brüsel, Paris-Pârhy or Amiens-Samarobrive. We can moreover count many Passage places in this city like the admiralty, the "Kunstkammer museum" or the Alexander II memorial church. However, the sign establishing the hypothesis that the Nevsky avenue could be a Passage place is completely exceptionnal. Here is a photography, taken in the year 1910 by the famous photographer Carl Bulla by the window of his atelier and showing this avenue. Compared to some document of the city of Sodrovni during the passage of Mary Von Rathen in this city, we are amazed to notice that this avenue corresponds quiet exactly to the photography of Carl Bulla. We can see on both documents the same tramways (that exceptionally for an obscure document doesn't represent the 81 tramway), the same horses cab, and finally some characteristic elements of the Nevsky avenue like his street lamps.

   Many experts in obscure science advanced the hypothesis that this would be a completly unique case where a Passage would be open during a very short laps of time in the middle of a simple street. The photographer Carl Bulla would then just have had time to take this picture before the Passage closed for every time. The reason why Mary Von Rathen could not be seen on the cliche would be that, being at that moment a person of our world, a picture of the obscure cities could not show her. This hypothesis however lead us to count now two pictures of the obscure cities by now, the first one would be the Zeppelin of Freddy De Vrouw.