Obscure Passages



The church of Our-Saver

The church of Our-Saver

Localization: Kobenhavn - Denmark.

Destination: Kobenhavn.

Discovered by:
Quentin Gausset and Olivier Tissot.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Like Bruxelles and Brüsel, Paris and Pâhry, the Danish city of Kobenhavn seems to have its Obscure double in the city of Kobenhavn. Thus, many buildings of Copenhagen, for the majority being administrative or religious buildings find themselves almost perfectly in a similar way in the Obscure city of Kobenhavn. Of course like always, if there exists each time a strong similarity between these buildings, there is no need to recall that those of the obscure city of Kobenhavn are of disproportionate size compared to those of the town of Kobenhavn on our world.

   The Church of Our Saver seems to be a completely extraordinary case in the long list of these buildings common to both cities. Indeed, as it is already the case for other places such the station of Schaerbeek, the Church of Our Saver not only indeed seems to exist on our two worlds. But moreover, it appears that this building bears the same name in the two dimensions: Vor Frelsers Kirke. It is in any case what seems to attest the short oniric tale "The Road of Armilia" written by Ferdinand, the young worker of Mylos on page 45.

  The most eminent obscure experts are lost in discussion concerning this assumption because this place name common to both worlds restarts the debates about the religion on the obscure continent. Would there be a church in the city of Kobenhavn? Does the word "Kirke" indicate a church as in our world? However, the famous Guide of the Cities teach us that we do not find any church on the obscure continent. According to some people, it is surely an error or well an invention due to the fertile imagination of the young Ferdinand. Isn't its tale, "The Road of Armilia", a completely invented story? It is undoubtedly the same for the name of this building. Other researchers show themselves nevertheless more careful and do not reject the assumption of the existence of a church on the obscure continent. The debate will undoubtedly make still run much ink...