Obscure Passages



The Sainte-Cecile observatory

The Sainte-Cecile observatory

Localization: Arcachon - France.

Destination: Calvani.

Discovered by: Chris Muller.

Ferryman: Paul Régnauld.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


The Sainte-Cecile observatory is located not far from the site of the Moorish Casino in Arcachon. It shares the same designer and architect like all the town of winter of Arcachon: Paul Régnauld.

   Like its sister of Louisiana, Madisonville, the Pass-Christiane and New-Orleans, it is at the spring 1862 that start the famous project of the town of winter in order to make of Arcachon an "american" city which would have been installed "in full virgin forest", projecting its street in the loneliness...

   This task consist to trace some avenue, launch some link (launch some footbridge with close of 15 meter of top) from one dune to the other, establish an "English' urban park, there build some villa, all more extravagant the one than the other, set up some attraction places like the Casino (melting of the Alhambra of Grenada and the mosque of Cordoue) as well as the installation of the station (the Chinese Dresser, pagoda-anthem with the veranda).

   The similarities between this project and others like the "Manhatan" project of Bruxelles and its so famous obscure corollary are quite large. Some Obscurologues thinks besides that all the project of the town of Winter of Arcachon would not have been inspired by American cities, but rather by the town of Calvani because of the architectural similarity of many buildings in the two cities. However, the project having been prematurely abandoned because of the First World War, any hope of Passage would be now ruined there except perhaps via some last vestiges like the Sainte-Cecile observatory.