Obscure Passages



The Opera Garnier

The Opera Garnier

Localization: Paris - France.

Destination: The opera of P‚hry.

Discovered by: Patrick Desmaison.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Music, the Taxiphote.


    The communications between cultural places seems to be, within sight of many Obscure searches in the field, an obviousness. A Passage place between two operas can thus be completely plausible. Moreover It appears increasingly probable that the music is a rather effective method which allows the passage between the worlds.

   It is thus not astonishing that assumptions of Passage exist in connection with the Garnier operas of Paris and that of P‚hry in the obscure world. However, it is not from our world which come the majority from the rumours and the indices concerning this Passage place, but rather from that Obscur. Indeed, many accounts managed to us as for the sudden decision to make close the opera of P‚hry, decision taken by the Berthelot civil servant. Dark and quite futile reasons had been called upon like the outdatedness of the places and the need for modernism which had a city which wished to compete with its neighbors. The opera of P‚hry was thus evacuated in all haste and then definitively closed in spite of the protests of many artists and music lovers.

   Some other more discrete rumours made state of a parallel circulation in the heart of the opera, dissimulated passages, of not-in conformity size of some parts of some rooms. This circulation thus did not fail to worry the civils servant of the city who made their decisions of closing them. For as astonishing as that is this assumption, it would seem that also in the obscure world, one can fear some passages...

   Of course, the evidence coming from the clear world also exists such as for example this mysterious letter written by Albert Richard, the nephew of Jules Richard, the inventor of the Taxiphote. In this letter, Albert Richard lets know to his uncle that a particular image of the Garnier opera looked in the Taxiphote would reveal a Passage towards an Obscur world. This Passage would let foresee the underground river which runs under the opera and which would lead towards this world. If the accused image reached us, the letter remains untraceable. The image et the simple sight does not reveal anything in particular if it is not this man who seems to assemble the steps of the opera while running. It is true that that seems absurd on an image intended to make the promotion of the building and Paris. To date unfortunately, it was not possible to view the image by means of a Taxiphote which made it possible to see possible Passage again. Perhaps does one also need a special Taxiphote, undoubtedly manufactured by Jules Richard himself?