Obscure Passages



The Ouessant island

The Ouessant island

Localization:The Ouessant island.

Destination: Unknwon.

Discovered by:
François Schuiten et Benoit Peeters.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Unknown.
Supplementary informations:
Joël Jézéquel.


   One knows few things in connection with this Passage place. It is not well known and especially no document brings explanations about it. The traveller who would go there must know that he has little chance to be able to carry out a passage. Any additional information is always the welcome!

   Little time ago, some new informations were given to us by an Obscur researcher being called Joel Jézéquel and originating from the island of Ouessant. Located at the point of Créach, close to the most powerful headlight of Europe, it appears that the strange building thus perched on a block of granite beaten by the floods of the sea would have sheltered at the beginning of XXth century one surprising machinery worthy of Axel Wappendorf itself. This machinery consisted in emitting an aural beep, based on infrasons, which was transmitted in the sea and could have been collected by ships equipped with hydrophones distributed on their hulls. This skilful device would have thus replaced the sometimes ineffective use of headlight per time of fog. Unfortunately, inaugurated in 1912, but subjected to the spray and big waves, the device worsened quickly. In 1919 the decision was made to remove it.

   This new testimony of a great interest illuminates under a new day this assumption of Passage. The immediate link which can be established between this place and the celebrates Professor Axel Wappendorf does not fail to bring credibility to this place which vaguely had already been quoted by Messrs François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters in the Guide of the Obscure Cities and revival search relating to it.