Obscure Passages



The Palate of the Fine arts of Charleroi

The Palate of the Fine arts of Charleroi

Localization: Charleroi - Belgium.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by: Axel William.

Ferryman: PiranÚse.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


   It seems well that the number of cases of demonstration of obscure origin in public buildings is in constant increase. The year 2003 will have indeed been rich in this matter. Started with the mysterious events which marked the festival of Angouleme and more particularly the Theatre of the Images, this year ends in events quite as strange with the Palate of the Fine arts of Charleroi which as it is often the case in this kind of circumstance will have required an astute make-up on behalf of the regional authorities.

   As that already occurred before in other places, which should have been a simple exposure devoted to Rome within the framework of Europalia Italy became suddenly the theatre of mysterious phenomena. Sand suddenly invaded one of the rooms without being known from where it could well have come, Charleroi being with nearly 150 kilometers of the nearest coast. Strange elements of architectures appeared on some walls as projected by an invisible projector.

   The presence in the exposed parts of engraving of Giovanni Batista Piranesi seems not to be foreign with the phenomena which were observed. The many researchers who moved on the spot often link these mysterious demonstrations with those observed in the museums the Valley of the Lot at Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Fesch of Ajaccio.

   The subtle make-up carried out by the authorities unfortunately seems to have destroyed the demonstrations making any investigation impossible. One will note moreover that it has been prohited to many researchers came on the spot to take photographs of the place. So many efforts on behalf of some authorities do nothing but bring credibility to these places which would however deserve more attention...