Obscure Passages



The Mellos palace The Mellos palace

Localization: Serpa - Portugal.

Destination: Samaris.

Discovered by: Eduardo de Siza.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


See the diary of Ishmaėl Tolentino and the report of the conference of Eduardo de Siza

   The Mellos palace is a manor having a long horizontal frontage in three bodies of which only one is built, the remainder being a simple frontage. Work of this manor having been stopped after the extremely odd death of the one of the girls of the owner, this place was deserted and is always uninhabited. The noise runs that the masonry is in prey with terror, but rather than of the phantoms, the strange lights and noises which frighten the inhabitants of Serpa correspond, according the opinion of the decouvror of this place, to the opening of a passage giving on the world of the Obscure Cities.

   In spite of the assumption advanced by Eduardo de Siza, the indices in connection with this place remain quite thin and very few. One will note however the architectural characteristic of the place, made up only of the frontage for certain body of the building, which does not fail to make think of another probable Passage place: la Fetta di Polenta in Turin. This similarity does not show however large-thing...