Obscure Passages



The Gate of the Portuguese

Localisation: Inconnue.

Destination: Inconnue.

Dťcouvreur: Tom O'GuŽn.

Passeur: Non.

Statut: existence non dťfinie.

Moyen: Passage.

See the diary of IshmaŽl Tolentino and the report of the conference of Eduardo de Siza

See the article of Tom O'GuŽn in the "Annales de la Chaire d'Urbicandologie"


   The existence of the Gate of the Portuguese whose speaks professor Tom O' GuŽn in his article in the "Annales de la Chaire d'Urbicandologie" is in fact extremely discussed. According to many researchers and experts in Obscurology, this gate would not exist. According to Professor O' GuŽn itself in his article, the existence of this gate would be hypothetical but certain elements would give reason for thinking that its existence is not chimerical. However, Professor O' GuŽn takes care well not to quote these mysterious elements.

   Last testimony knew concerning this really mysterious probable Passage place was given by Eduardo de Siza, large decouvror of Portuguese Passages at the time of the conference on the Obscure Cities in CoÔmbra. According to him, the Gate of the Portuguese would be quite simply the Saint-Paul church in Macao, of which there remains only the imposing frontage. This thesis, although tempting since it could be based on many theories such that of the facadism never could be supported.