Obscure Passages



The Socialist press

The Socialist press

Localization: Bruxelles - Belgium.

The building of the Echo of the Cities journal - Trahmer.

Discovered by:
Participants to the first Obscur Congress.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Located at some steps of the museum of the Comic strip, the building of the Socialist Presses does not really draw with the first access the attention.

   It is once inside that one discovers the perfect similarity of the place with the buildings of the echo of the cities, in any case while being based on the last images published in the obscure press about this journal for his closing. All is there until the word " IT IS FINISHED " writes with chalk on the wall.

See the summary of the Passage and the documents found at the occasion of the first obscure congress.


    It is during the first obscure congress that the participants in this congress discovered this strange place. It even seems that they had the advisability of carrying out a true Passage there. However, too intrigued by this new worrying experiment and knowing the impermanency of the Passages, they decided not to be delayed and return at once on our world. No other case of Passage to this place was declared to date...