Obscure Passages



The Priors Dukketeatre

The Priors Dukketeatre

Kobenhavn - Denmark.

Destination: Kobenhavn.

Discovered by:
Quentin Gausset and Olivier Tissot.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Like Bruxelles and Brüsel, Paris and Pâhry, the Danish city of Kobenhavn seems to have its Obscure double in the city of Kobenhavn. Thus, many buildings of Copenhagen, for the majority being administrative or religious buildings find themselves almost perfectly in a similar way in the Obscure city of Kobenhavn. Of course like always, if there exists each time a strong similarity between these buildings, there is no need to recall that those of the obscure city of Kobenhavn are of disproportionate size compared to those of the town of Kobenhavn on our world.

   As it is the case for the statue of Pierre the Great in Saint-Petersbourg, the assumption of Priors Dukketeatre is due to the similarity between two statues of the Clear and Obscure worlds. It would seem indeed that a statue completely similar to the one of those capping Priors Dukketeatre and representing the Greek god Hermes is also found in the town of Kobenhavn. We do not know unfortunately any more and in spite of their many search at the time of their many voyages in this city, Doctor Gausset and Tissot to date could not discover additional elements which can inform us on this assumption...