Obscure Passages



The Residence Palace

The Residence Palace

Localization: Brussel - Belgium.

Destination: Brüsel.

Discovered by: F.J.

Ferryman: No.

Statuts: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   According to the discoverer of this place, this one preferring to keep anonymity as well the experiment as he lived still marks him at the moment when we write these lines, the Residence Palace, located near Lambermont building in Brussels, would be the place and the origin of surprising phenomena allowing the Passage towards the world of the Obscure Cities.

   The experiment of our anonymous witness would have proceeded a few years ago whereas itself, according to his statements, did not know the world of the Obscure Cities. Whereas he visited the theatre located at the back of the building, F.J. had suddenly the strange impression that the building was no more completely same as that in which it had just entered a few moments before. Somewhat badly at ease, he still did some steps then increasingly anxious by the feeling of faintness which gained him, made half-turn to return outside, on our clear world.

   A few days later, this time better armed psychologically for this experiment, F.J. came back on the place and would have had the occasion to make the passage towards a city which he will describe later as being that of Brüsel. F.J. would have even had the occasion to turn a video. This one however does not show according to statements' of our witness many thing and would not allow to define great conclusions on what our explorer would have seen.

   Once again, we can notice that the cases of involuntary or badly prepared attempt of passage seems very often extremely stressing for the person who lived it. One will remember for example the case of the probable and involuntary Passage of the famous recherchist Olivier Tissot to the auditorium of the forum of the images in Paris which had also left its unfortunate experimenter strongly in the embarrassment. In this case as in that taken in example, the victim, because he should well be called like this, still always preserves a speech as crazy as incoherent when he tries to report its adventures. A speech so uncoherent that it could leave skeptic. The possibility of a Passage towards the Obscure Cities with the Residence Palace remains an enigma today. Did F.J. eally lived what he tells? Would there be other witnesses of Passage in this place?