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The Robicks' Passage

The Robick's Passage

Localization: Unknown.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Obin and Presti.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Closed.

Means: Passage.


The Obscure folder

   The Robicks' Passage is not to be properly speaking a Passage place. It is a single as well extremely strange document which reveals us his probable existence. This document is presented as an apocryphal book part of the Notebook of Voyage that Eugen Robick published in the exit of his first study trip through the Obscur continent and that would have been abandoned because of an alleged lack of coherence with the remainder of the work. The book presents several handwritten and all illustrated parts. Only one of these parts lets us recognize the so particular writing of the famous urbatecte. It reports us an adventure which would have arrived at the future renovator of Urbicande. The history is told by Robick himself.

   During this study trip, Robick would have been found in an unknown city of the Obscur continent. At this point in time wanting to visit this city at the fallen night, it would have surprised the preparations of a takeover of the entire continent via a parallel circulation orchestrated by this city whose apparently never Robick did not know the name.

   The many recherchists and obscurologists who are leaning on the document seems all to have fallen from agreement on the fact that this document does not describe in fact an attempt to take the control of the entire Obscur continent by one of its Cities, but well, as opposed to what could have imagined Eugen Robick by some organization of our world. Indeed, why at any place of this document isn't mentioned the name of the city where Robick is? How a man as scholar as he is could have found in a city from which he does not know the name? Lastly, the documents which he discovers clearly mention the outline of a plan based on a parallel circulation. This parallel circulation does not fail to point out to us fears of another parallel circulation by the Berthelot civil servant within the opera of P‚hry.

   It thus appears today clearly according to the most eminent obscure experts that this part of the newspaper of Eugen Robick, whose withdrawal of the whole of its work is extremely suspect besides, describes the involuntary Passage of Robick in our world. It would have been thus found in an unknown city of our world of which it could not have known the name, city which was then in preparation for a plan of invasion of the obscure continent. The headlong escape of Robick would then have enabled him to turn over on the obscure continent, avoiding accuracy the impermanency of the opening of the Passage which would have perhaps condemned it to remain then on our world.

   Search in connection with this Passage continues still today. Is the document authenticates or at the very least copied of an authentic document? Of which city can it be a question? At which clear period   was Robick been ound? The file remains open and will undoubtedly make still run much ink...