Obscure Passages



The Lighthouse of La Rochelle

The Lighthouse of La Rochelle

Localization: La Rochelle - France.

Destination: Taxandria.

Discovered by: Christophe Compère.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   To find a lighthouse downtown is a very unusual thing, even completely whimsical. It is however the case in the city of La Rochelle in France. And yet, the explanation of the incongruous situation of this building which the decouvror of this Passage Place would have collected is even more surprising.

   The facts would have occurred during the night of November 15, 1898. In full fog, whereas all was strangely calm, a serious noise was heard. Everyone believed in an earthquake. It is only the following day that it was discovered that several stone columns had abruptly emerged from the ground including one immense right in the middle of the house. The town hall reacts promptly arguing that the municipality was making alteration work of the port. The inhabitants of the house were discreetly expropriated and the column was camouflaged as a lighthouse. The incident was quickly choked.

   Always according to the decouvror of this place, this assumption would by no means try to show the presence of a passage towards Taxandria but rather it would be the Obscure World that would have been materialized in ours.