Obscure Passages



The Semper Depot

The Semper Depot

Localization: Vienna - Austria.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Harald Jahn.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


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   Located in Vienna, the Semper Depot is a probable place of Passage on which many investigations are always in progress. Recently discovered, some very interesting indices are currently studied with the greatest attention.

   The Semper Depot was built by Gottfried Semper in the XIXth century and was used like warehouse for hardware of theatre. For a long time unused, it escaped many times to the demolition before being rehabilitated.

   Many rumours gave a report on unusual phenomena which would have occurred in a strange part of the building called the room with the 100 doors. Indeed, according to rumours', some visitors would have noted, by opening the various gates, some changes in the space which surrounded them. That would have been as if the visited rooms changed each time a door was opened, as if the rooms became increasingly large and the corridors increasingly long.

   To date, the opinions still are very divided concerning these phenomena. According to certain obscurologists, it should be a question only of a phenomenon of loss of reference mark comparable to the one whose suffered some inhabitants from Xhystos. According to others, they can only undoubtedly be true phenomena related to a fault in space-time and thus to the formation of a Passage between two worlds. According to these experts, the fact that there was a Passage would be the reason of the long abandonment of the building and the proximity of the secession house makes yet only reinforce the suspicions about that.

   However, it would seem that the restoration of the building has since silenced the rumours. Would it be still a will of some authorities to mask certain obviousnesses? The question remains open...