Obscure Passages



The Secession House

The Secession House

Localization: Vienna - Austria.

Destination: Urbicande.

Discovered by: Harald Jahn.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Probably closed.

Means: Passage.


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  Although the number of similar buildings between the Clear world and the Obscur world is in constant increase, it had until now almost never found similarities between a building of our world and the city of Urbicande. To date, only the resemblance between the house of the famous urbatecte Eugen Robick and a project of the architect Sant' Elia could have been discovered in this field.

   And yet, for the first time, such a similarity could be discovered. It is thus with much enthusiasm that some recherchists are searching on this completely single assumption. Very quickly, some indices which would tend to confirm this assumption appeared. The House of the Secession had been created by a group of artist with the idea to realize there some exhibitions of contemporary art. In a Art-nouveau style, it was built in 1898 by the architect Joseph Maria Olbricht on basis, for the crowning, of a sketch of Gustav Klimt. The fact that the building is a museum and that the building is regarded as being of Art-nouveau style suffices for some experts in Obscurology to conclude that they were irrefutable indices proving the possibility of a Passage to this place.

   These assumptions remain still however very discussed. The Art-nouveau character of the building indeed does not link to the style more Art-deco of the city of Urbicande. Moreover, we almost do not know anything about the building of Urbicande. Where is located it in Urbicande? Which is its function? Was it ever been built since all that we know is a plan in the office of Eugen Robick?

   All these questions will undoubtedly remain forever unanswered since even if the building existed in Urbicande, there are great chances so that the earthquake which devastated the city definitively destroyed any chance of Passage towards this one...