Obscure Passages



The underground of the Free University of Bruxelles

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Localization: Bruxelles - Belgium.

The faculty of science of Brüsel.

Discovered by: Quentin Gausset.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   The assumption of the undergrounds of the Free University of Bruxelles like possible Passage place was emitted now many years ago by the famous expert in obscurology, Doctor Quentin Gausset. The report which he made appear on this subject in one of his many academic publications is on this subject extremely eloquent.

   "You are not without knowing that the Free University of Bruxelles is defined as the temple of the anti-obscurantism. On this point, the university of Brüsel resembles to him very extremely, as one can see it in the book of professor de Brok: the Mystery of Urbicande, edition of the Faculty of Science of Brüsel. The eagerness of the two universities to destroy any myth, and in particular that of the obscure cities, is more than a coincidence. It is for me the proof that there are really contacts between the universities of the two cities, contacts which they deny against all. Why such a eagerness to deny the existence of the Obscure Cities? It is necessary to know for this subject that the Free University of Bruxelles is cored by freemasonry, to which belonged Joseph Poelart, the architect of the Law courts. It thus seems that the assumption of the existence of a sect seeking to join the parallel city of Brüsel is founded. I would be even further saying than they already found Passages and than they want to keep the monopoly of it. How to explain if not their skilful arguments to persuade the public opinion that the Obscure Cities do not exist? I as for me am persuaded that there is a Passage located in the foundations of the buildings of the Free University of Bruxelles in itself, i.e. in the heart of the so-called temple of the anti-obscurantism. If you go to the campus of the Plain, try to join the undergrounds which connect the various buildings. With this intention, do not try to use the normal elevators. How by chance, they do not go down there! All is made to discourage the curious ones. Take the staircases if the gate which carries out to it is opened or then take the hoist rather! After a descent which will seem to you endless, you will end in an immense underground which connects all the buildings of the campus of the Plain. Completely extraordinary fact, this underground connects even the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking campuses, to the contempt of the linguistic border! I am in any case persuaded that it is not the only border which this tunnel permits to cross and that there exists in its centre a Passage towards the Obscure Cities and more precisely towards the parallel city of Brüsel and its university. Some share behind these dark recesses, behind these beginnings of corridors which do not carry out nowhere, behind these enormous flexible ventilation ducts hides surely a Passage. Besides while walking you in the corridors, you will find there all kinds of downgraded computers, old machines, scrap. I wonder even if one would not find there some of the machines allowing to see the Quarxs? Refrigerators in any case can be found there. On this subject, an anecdote returns to me. One day when I ferreted in the tunnel, I opened one of these given up refrigerators, and although it was disconnected, I found coffee and nonout-of-date cheese there. There would it have been given up by a traveller? Who of other could have deposited something in an extinct refrigerator located in a deserted corridor?"

Quentin Gausset in "Les presses Universitaires",
Number 633 of december 7th 1996