Obscure Passages



The Staglieno Cemetery

The Staglieno Cemetery

Localization: Gênes - Italy.

Floating space, intermediary step.

Discovered by: Fabian Artus.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Complete lonelyness.


   It is of these so obscure places that even the note which accompanies the declaration of Passage place gives a lot of mysteries.

   If the place is powerful by itself, it takes all its transitory dimension according to this liturgy: "A the entry of the first cloister, start an ambulation in the direction of the needles of a watch. At the beginning of the second gallery, notice a staircase going up in the darkness. You will find there a very small white Virgin in a cloud of red lights. It will show you the way... "

   To date, no other testimony came to bring a new light on this really surprising place . Let us guarantee that the future will learn us more on this place whose only interest would not be only its many and splendid funerary steles...