Obscure Passages



The tivoli

The tivoli

Localization: Kobenhavn- Denmark.

Destination: Cosmopolis - Alaxis.

Discovered by: Quentin Gausset.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   The Tivoli represents a particularity in the long study of the architectural similarity between the Clear and the Obscure worlds. Indeed, if we are generaly speaking of administrative buildings (law courts of Brussels) or functional ones (the station of Schaerbeek), in this case, they are buildings built with an aim of entertainments since at the same time Tivoli of Copenhagen and Cosmopolis of Alaxis are amusement parks. Perhaps is that with the fact that this kind of park is rather not very widespread on the obscure continent?

   Tivoli represents moreover a enigma for the many Obscure recherchists. Indeed, if there is a similarity between the gantry of input of Tivoli of Kobenhavn and that of the park Cosmopolis of Alaxis, it appears that Tivoli as an amusement park is clearly named in the tale Obscur "The road of Armilia" written by the young person Ferdinand from Mylos. Then, where would lead the probable Passage place dissimulated in the Tivoli of Kobenhavn: in Alaxis or Kobenhavn? The many indices in favour of one or the other assumption such as for example the fact that Tivolis of Kobenhavn and of Kobenhavn are all two open only 4 month over the year do not make it possible unfortunately to tip the scales for a case or the other. The file remains open...