Obscure Passages



The town of Toulon

The town of Toulon

Localization: Toulon - France.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Bruno Suzanna.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


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   The town of Toulon as many other cities all over the world seems to abound in Passage Places towards the world of the Obscure Cities. It is in any case what seems to testify the various documents related to this file.

   These documents seem to have two different origins. The first are letters, written by the discoverer of the Places and which had been addressed to Benoît Peeters. It is very significant to note that these letters indeed arrived to their recipient by the means of the post office. They describe the various Passage Places discovered in the town of Toulon and its neighbourhoods. The origin of the seconds is completely unknown. They were delivered to the administration of the Office of the Obscure Passages in a strange document-case on which was marked "Toulon". It seems however undeniable to the reading of those documents that they are indeed related to the same affair.

   The assumptions concerning the town of Toulon are all more interesting the ones than the others. The reading of the documents describing them is sufficiant to themselves and does not allow many comments. The many researchers keep all their attention on these various places and all new manifestation of the Obscur world to these places.

   The documents of unknown origin will not fail to raise a significant question. Would the post office have connections with the Obscur world? It is in any case what seems to have occurred in the case from the letters sent in our world and which would have forwarded by the Obscur continent before returning in the Clear world. Mechanisms of the Clear Post offices remaining unfortunately quite as hermetic and misunderstood that those of those Obscure, no Obscurologist to date could answer this question...