Obscure Passages



The Tower of Loudun

The Tower of Loudun

Localization: Loudun - France.

Destination: The Tower.

Discovered by:
Ranrac de Storm alias Christian Roux.

Ferryman: Secret society.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


   The assumption of the Tower of Loudun, very recently revealed, is of a very particular interest because it brings an additional element to a certain category of old Passages related to the wars of religion. The testimony which accompanies this assumption is very revealing about this subject.

   "In the heart of the old strengthened city draw up the ruins of the Tower of Loudun defying the will of the Cardinal of Richelieu who, wanting to eradicate a brotherhood of ferrymen, made them burn and gave pretext of the destruction of their supposed sanctuary to rebuild his city (the town of Richelieu).

   The interior of the Tower is seizing... The opening remains confused between the two worlds, the sight is disturbed if an effort of attention is carried towards the node... The Passage is like opened and closed all at the same time, oscillating since so much years. Since the stones were removed by this cardinal anxious to eliminate the heretics...

   So many true or disguised stories wrap this Tower and this town. The Saint-Pierre church of the Market where officiated Urbain Grandier who was sent to roughing for sorcery would deserve a more serious browsing. Sorcery or brotherhood of misunderstood and diabolized ferrymen, the question is posed?"

   At the reading of this testimony, one does not fail to submit the relationship between this assumption and others like the Palace of Ysle and the castle of Montsegur. This revelation is an additional stone to the increasingly widespread theory according to which former brotherhoods would have been the guardians of Passages towards the Obscur world. However, as many eminent obscurologists like to repeat it, the theory must still be shown...