Obscure Passages



The cement works Delwart in Tournai

The cement works Delwart in Tournai

Localization: Tournai - Belgium.

Destination: Mylos.

Discovered by: S´┐Żbastien Decorn´┐Ż.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


    Here is probably the place for which the least informations are available. The more mad hypothesis are expressed concerning his destination. Some searchers think it might conduct to Mylos due to his resemblance to his architecture, others for the north side of Urbicande for his ruined aspects and some other ones for the Tower...


   The discovery of new elements concerning this Passage place permitted to establish that this building would be the great chimney of the cement works Delwart in Tournai. The suspicions over the possibility of a Passage place are based upon strange facts that should have happened in the past since the cement works was again under activity. These strange events would have been the premature closing cause of the factory.

   At an unfortunately unknown date, some strange phenomenon would have been noted by a worker named Pascal Duvriny. This worker would suddenly have noted that no more smoke were going outside of the top the principal chimney since this last one was used.

   This event was followed by a wave of superstitious fear that growed when some strange voices began to be heard in the chimney. In the middle of all kinds of different sentences noted in a hurry by Pascal Duvriny, one can find the name of Mylos!

   Slowly, the fear was growing and a last phenomenon, the appearance of some strange insects in the chimney finished to discourage the workers that ran away the installations provokating the closing of the factory.

   Now, this smal factory is totaly abandonned and no one strange phenomenon has been again revealed.