Obscure Passages



The rounded Tower

The rounded Tower

Kobenhavn - Denmark.

Kobenhavn or the Michelson Mount.

Discovered by:
Quentin Gausset and Olivier Tissot.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


   Like Bruxelles and Brüsel, Paris and Pâhry, the Danish city of Kobenhavn seems to have its Obscure double in the city of Kobenhavn. Thus, many buildings of Copenhagen, for the majority being administrative or religious buildings find themselves almost perfectly in a similar way in the Obscure city of Kobenhavn. Of course like always, if there exists each time a strong similarity between these buildings, there is no need to recall that those of the obscure city of Kobenhavn are of disproportionate size compared to those of the town of Kobenhavn on our world.

   According to Doctor Gausset, specialist in Obscure sciences, the rounded Tower is a building set up into 1642 by Christian IV, the king builder of Kobenhavn. Conceived at the origin like an astronomical observatory, it is used today only like tourist attraction, as a point of view on the town of Kobenhavn. The Obscure researchers keep a very detailed attention about with this probable Passage place. Indeed, why the rounded Tower doesn't serve any more as an astronomical observatory? Could it be that it had some links with the Mount-Michelson which is also an astronomical observatory? Or well would be the function of the building of Kobenhavn which resembles to it also to be an observatory as seems to suppose it the image we have? And then, there is this incredible story according to which the rounded Tower would not be equipped with stairs to arrive at its top. One would reach that point by a street paved in spiral which the king Christian IV climbed in its fits with body drawn by his attachment. This quite eccentric story seems to testify to certain links with the world Obscur where sometimes reality joined the fiction.