Obscure Passages



The steam factory

The steam factory

To the north of Saint-Louis - Senegal

Mylos or the submarine of the  Nemo captain.

Discovered by: Marc Julien.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passage.


The obscure folder

   In the current of August 1996, a small expedition discovered this strange place at a few kilometers to the north of the town of Saint-Louis in Senegal. Apparently well-known of the autochtones, this steam factory would have been used to feed out of water the town of Saint-Louis at the nineteenth century.

   However, this explanation on the functionality of simple appearance of this factory could not resist to certain obviousnesses as for example the nonsense to build a factory at this place whereas the Senegal river runs in the vicinity. The enigmatic smiles of the children who escorted the expeditionary ones and their warnings repeated with such an amount of insistence finished consolidating the explorers in their suspicions. This could only be a Passage place to another world!

    Unfortunately, the documents available to the researchers making the report of the expedition stop abruptly at the time when apparently a Passage had finally been discovered!

   Of course, the study of these documents permitted to develop many assumptions about the probable destination of this Passage place. So today, even if that of Mylos meets the most vote and seems most probable, the assumption of a Passage leading inside the submarine of the Nemo Captain remains very tempting. This idea comes from the shapes of the strange machinery of the factory which make thinking to the one that permitted to the famous Nautilus to be propelled. However, the assumption of the correspondence between a fixed place and another being able to move has been rapidly erased by that more probable between two industrial places.

   To date, no other known expedition was carried out towards this place...