Obscure Passages



The abbey of Villers-la-Ville

The abbey of Villers-la-Ville

Villers-la-Ville - Belgium.

Destination: Brüsel or Samarobrive.

Discovered by: Wudy Wills.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Means: Passages.


   The name of "Villers" is a name which comes back regularly in documents related to the Obscure world. One will quote for example the novel "the library of Villers" to the very close links with the continent Obscur and the name of "Claire Devillers", the enigmatic journalist of the famous "B File". It is thus not a great surprise that the abbey of Villers-la-Ville can appear in the long list of the probable Passage Place. However, it could be only one more assumption if this one were not accompanied by a quite strange testimony which brings a new light on this one.

   Testimony is the one of the decouvror of this place. This one would have been victim of a quite unhappy adventure which was at the base of its suspicions.

   "I remember, an anecdote of my childhood, when formerly I was going in this calm and magic place which is the abbey of Villers-la-Ville...

   One day, I ventured in the hidden galleries under the abbey nave, by curiosity and mystical search of shivers... The adventure quickly appeared enthralling. At the end of a certain time, lost in a dark and sinuous gallery, I led in what I believed being the output. But to my great amazement, it was not the case, still squatted in the gallery, my head emerged in a room, a large circular room illuminated in its center, apparently by light beams conveyed there by a complex play of mirrors obviously from the top of the abbey nave. Apparently accordin the brick clusters arranged there, I was in the center of the foundations of the abbey... From one part to the others of the room were dug tunnels, some stopped by tons of engraved and mortars. To the center was held a blue stone like I love, large, 2 meters high and broad from easily 1 meter 25, and carved in its center. I taken care of carried out a smear with the largest paper sheet of China I wanted to observe thus later with calms and to the sun this discovery which left me without voice. In front of me, marked with the graver in the stone, two faces were there, looking at me, one smiling the glance turned towards the galleries of lefts and the other the died glance, two large bones crossing his cranium. I understood quickly that it was about life and dead... But which disastrous event had occurred in this place? I decided to get out, time had probably quite advanced and the luminosity conveyed by the conduits of the pillar of the nave decreased, I dangerously taken my invaluable drawing and returned... I thought all along the path, up to the output where I was happy to re-examine the sun but surprised by the slap which was given to me and plunged me in a soft sleep, the nose in fresh grass of the lawn...

   When I woke up, nothing more! My bag, my charcoals, my treasure, all had disappeared! And me, I was flewing over the abbey! I had never noticed that it was so beautiful sight from here. I was lengthened on a sandstone plate 1 meter 60 of the ground, obviously on an old circular table in the center of a vault overhanging the ruins at the bottom of the field, overhanging even part of villers-la-Ville.

   I think today that the abbey was a Passage Place or rather a place of transit, a loophole. Serious events had to occur in Brüsel and the abbey was an urgency gate, a refuge. For who? For what? I will never have the answer of it. Today the galleries were arranged and access prohibited to protect the animals. But is this there the true reason of this prohibition?"

  This testimony is not however the only element which pleads in favour of this assumption. The last part to be joined to this file is certainly the very mysterious image of Obscur origin, visible in the book "the Archivist" called "the last pages". How not to establish the link between this image, the novel "the library of Villers" and the abbey of Villers-la-Ville? The construction which one can see on this image indeed resembles closely to the nave of the abbey of Villers-la-Ville. And couldn't this man who sows the pages of a book to the winds be Lessing? The origin of this image, Samarobrive, cannot leave any more any doubt about the links with the Obscure continent.

  Many questions remain unanswered concerning this place. Where would it lead? Which was its utility? Is it always open? Nevertheless many indices allow to think that a Passage Place can be dissimulated in these historical walls...