Obscure Passages



The Wien River

The Wien River

Localization: Vienna - Austria.

Destination: Unknown.

Discovered by: Harald Jahn.

Ferryman: No.

Status: Possible opening.

Moyen: Passage.


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   As it was the case in Bruxelles for the Senne, the town of Vienna decided at the end of XIXth century to make disappear under the ground one from the rivers which crosses it, the Wien River. It soon became obvious for some researchers to see in the this vaulting the same reason as for the Senne in Bruxelles, namely the creation of undergrounds allowing the passage towards the Obscure Continent. According to these researchers, this thesis would be reinforced by the fact that the House of the Secession, near to the undergrounds, would have been built at the same time that the vaulting.

   If there is not any testimony supporting the thesis of a Passage in the many undergrounds of the Wien River, it is significant to note that there would be on the other hand very strange documents showing phenomena rather unusual in this place. These documents, of which only one reached us, would show winged creatures like being captive of these mazes. Many are the Obscurologists who put in parallel these images and some paintings coming from the Obscure Continent, showing the same kind of winged creatures.

   Today, the controversy is great about this place. Is it about a Passage Place? Would it be the source of inspiration of certain obscure artists? Much question for very few answers...